10 member-founded wellbeing brands to know in 2020 | SOHO HOUSE

3. Crushed Tonic (@crushedtonic)
Founded by: Sally Olivia Kim, Ludlow House member 
Year founded: 2018
Your brand in one sentence: ‘An anti-aging, ingestible skincare brand formulated with marine collagen, probiotics, biotin and organic superfoods (such as matcha, turmeric and lucuma) to help achieve that glow from the inside out.’
What’s your brand’s USP? "All your anti-aging essentials, in one cup. Skincare isn’t just topical; it is a holistic ritual. We need to eat well, feel well and look well. But we know that “eating well” can be hard sometimes, and not the most enjoyable— so we wanted to reinvent that.’
What does self-care mean to you? ‘Giving myself the best tools to be happy, and investing into those tools more than anything else,’ says Kim. ‘Once I started focusing on my journey rather than the end goal, I started realizing the importance of taking care of myself. Self-care for me now consists of investing into: my diet (spending more on all-organic, purchasing supplements even though it might be cheaper otherwise), fitness (membership gyms to entice myself to go to the gym every day, even for 30 minutes, and social life (saying no to events and dinners that I know I shouldn’t go to, taking breaks from my phone unapologetically!)— and carving out self-time to write in my journal, meditate and read.’ 

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