In today’s episode, Caitlin is joined by the lovely Sally Olivia Kim, CEO and founder of regenerative, anti-aging collagen drink company Crushed Tonic. Out of college, Sally was quickly climbing the ranks doing digital strategy at Condé Nast when she suffered a severe burn to her arm during a cooking accident. After trying seemingly everything, she found that ingesting collagen was the key to regenerating her skin and had the added bonuses of helping the overall appearance of both her skin and hair. Needless to say, she became hooked, and what started as a routine she did to help herself developed into a lifestyle routine that she needed to share with her family, friends, and eventually the world at large with the inception of Crushed Tonic. In this episode, Sally tells her story and delves deeper into her personal psyche as well, discussing topics as serious as the rampant sexism she has faced as a female CEO and as light as her love of smoking weed before bed to calm her nerves. In between, we cover unrealistic body standards and disordered eating issues that have plagued us both, the struggle to keep up friendships with a busy work life, the company’s catchphrase of “don’t want to grow up” and the fear surrounding aging that they seek to debunk, and so much more. Don’t sleep on this stellar episode and follow Sally at @sallsters on Instagram, Crushed Tonic @crushedtonic, and Caitlin @ckny1213 and @wtfsuppod. Finally, go to and use code WTFCT to get $20 off your first order.

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What education do you have in order to know how to make the mixes

Debra Gagliardi August 04, 2020

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