Why Powder over other forms of collagen? What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Powder collagen, when mixed with water, turns into a liquid collagen -- which by far is the most easily absorbed by the body. It also takes less for the body to break down liquid collagen -- while capsules can take more than 30-45 mins depending on what you had eaten that day.


Hydrolysis is a fancy word to describe the process of breaking something down with water. So in this case, the large collagen compounds, will get broken down with water and enzymes into small and short chains of amino acids so that our body can actually absorb. 


Collagen peptides are offered in a variety of forms: collagen pills vs liquid vs powder.

Liquid Collagen

A ready-to-consume product that comes in an 8 to 32 ounce bottle. Its collagen is in a base of water and often includes flavors to make it tastier, and you will have to consume it by having 6-10 drops of it daily. The liquid collagen will save you time mixing collagen powders yourself.

Collagen Powder

Collagen peptides in their most raw form are originally fine powder.​ ​Collagen powder is loose powder that is usually mixed with water (which then, the collagen powder turns into a liquid collagen).The key to assessing collagen powder is through its taste, purity, and color. Not all collagen powder is created equal, and to find a high-quality collagen powder type you can take every day, you should try a few different ones and see what you like best—meaning both in taste and in ease of use.

Collagen Tablets

Generally one capsule or tablet provides one gram collagen (equal to 1000 mg). To get the daily serving of 6-10 grams daily, you will need to take 10 capsules/tablets daily.

Collagen Candies, Gummies and Chocolates

There are candy alternatives for collagen-- however, they are usually made with high fructose corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners. Collagen gummy bears are often made with gelatin.

I went with powders over tablets, capsules, gummies, and liquids as I hate the feeling and experience of swallowing pills (and to swallow ten? No thank you!) But whether it be in liquid, powder, capsule or candy form, its essence is all the same: collagen peptides. It starts off as powder, which is then added to water to become liquid collagen (which is by far the most beneficial for the body as it is absorbed most efficiently), or divided into capsule pills.

However you consume it, the most important aspect is to ensure that you are taking it daily, and at least for 4 weeks straight, for best results.