What does it really taste like? How do you get the powder to mix perfectly?

The powders actually don't have a taste of their own (though often, collagen does). but we have scoured the earth to make sure that the collagen we selected and the formula we've landed on is something that you would be able to enjoy with almost anything. 

"I like to pour a little bit of lukewarm water into a glass or a cup (about 1/4 cup of water), put the crush into it, and mix it until the powder dissolves perfectly. Then, I'll add more water. milk or coffee-- whether cold with ice or hot.
The matcha is definitely the trickiest, but since it's a grainier powder it needs to be dissolved into like a paste first almost. Another way is to put it directly into a water bottle, and shake it up. When it's a closed bottle it mixes/ dissolves better."

Source: Excerpt from The Collagen Glow