Crushed Tonic Matcha Pina Colada Recipe

Liking pina coladas and enjoying walks in the rain are not mutually exclusive.

We like to sip this and pretend we're in Tulum or somewhere. And because it's got some added kale, we like to think of it as a greena colada - the pina's much healthier little sister.


You'll need:

1 stick focus booster crush 

1 cup kale - frozen better, but no worries if not

1 cup pineapple - frozen better, but no worries if not

1/2 cup cow/almond/soy/rice/hemp/coconut (we luuuuuuurve coconut milk in this to make it extra beach-y)

1/2 cup water

Additional fun superfoods and spices:

1 squeeze of lime 

1 pinch of vanilla bean/vanilla powder


Stick it all in the blender, pour, and enjoy. Leave out the any or all of the added spices if your rack's looking a little bare and it'll still taste wonderful.


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